You know the dress is going nowhere, right?

Aside from long hair and high heels, the dress is number one form of identity for the female.

So you’re here to see what I have to say about the dress and why it’s not going anywhere, right?

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I’m going to get straight to the hardcore facts. Some of you may disagree, only because you’re opting not to accept TRUTH about this society and world we live in.

What is “this” world I’m speaking of? Well, from biblical times, it is written that the world was created for man to be fruitful and multiply. Make plenty of the land and multiply yourself with the woman. Man took  those words and applied his own spin  to doing so. How? with SEX.  SEX runs the world. Many would say “Girls run the world”, in a way we do. Just about everything of this world is created from a cosmetic concept, which is what  the woman responds  to.  If it’s not “pretty” we don’t see it.

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The man was built to chop and carry tree bark, make boats, fix cars. That’s what their strengths are for, but in their weakness, the man  likes to lift “light” things, like skirts, dresses, bed sheets, her  hair, her legs . Those things will never change. He likes the dress, it turns him on. The wonder of what’s underneath it, will stimulate him forever. (I like the wording on this sentence.) Anyway It’s true!!

Want another truth?  The dress or skirt is the most hygiene friendly form of clothing for the woman.  It allows air to pass through her “beneaths”  and ventilate her “goodies” naturally. It’s my personal preference for this reason.  Plus I think they’re beautifully feminine when clothed upon our bodies. The dress compliments who we are, ladies.  It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining or rain is pouring.  We are beautiful.  Enjoy your summer, girls!


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The “shut up about beauty” woman

Who doesn’t like to receive a compliment once in a while? After all a compliment is a form of praise you’re doing good for yourself and society.

Where I get lost, is how does a woman who receives a compliment go from a smile and a humble thank you, to thinking she’s the best thing next to sliced bread?

I believe the mindset of the one who thinks she’s everyone’s T-bone steak is a prisoner to worshipping  “beauty & the beast”.

As a freeformed loc’d woman, with a HER manifest. Our beauty is measured through actions. Don’t be mistaken we wear cosmetics also, but the essence of beauty comes from within us. Not from face value.

Your discussions with a freeform loc’d woman with HERLOXX manifested within, explor and seek edification in everything she does. When I say everything, I mean everything.

As a wife, she views her husband as HER King, and her children as the perfect creation of her love with her husband.

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As a woman, what’s best for HER health, is her main focus. Being a healthy, supportive spouse HER focal point daily. Exercise, keeping those joints soft and pain free.  You can’t tell me this type of woman doesn’t sound “perfect” in human form, already.  Let’s continue.

HER friends, are true. They carry HER values, beliefs and honor them in their own lives and relationships. There’s no competing for the best dressed, sexiest or visually attractive.

Helping, teaching, advising is where HER beauty resides. There are no discussions on how they look. Whether they’re considered beautiful beings from a strange eye. The compliment is received and the work continues.

In a HER manifest, I use animals as a analogy for understanding. Especially for the women to gather and understand HER self.

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The pigeon and the eagle/hawk, are both birds but very different. One settles on the ground and flocks with each other in groups of many. They eat anything you throw at them and keep going.

The eagle/hawk however, doesn’t flock in groups and forget about seeing them hovering on the ground. They’re elevated high on a mountain or in a tree. You have to literally hike to hunt them down. They eat fresh food only.

Women from a HER manifestion, live a life like the eagle/hawk. It takes just as much work from within to live that lifestyle. It’s not easy, but its achievable.

Just like the book of life I quote, “Many are called, few are chosen”.

Just me and my blog

Today, I’m excited and I think finally put together with this whole blog journey I’m on.

I consider some of us are chosen to explore our unique paths. No matter how many attempts we make to jump on the train and jump off again due to confusion and poor judgement call, we can’t turn our backs entirely on them.

For me, this blog was one of them. I think I mentioned in my first post, this was my third attempt at this.

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I’ve watched many videos about blogging and how and why so many fail. Why do I continue to watch and listen to this guidance? Why can’t I just drop it and keep looking for the next best thing? The reason I believe, this is my thing. Now, tomorrow and on-going I have to do this.

The craziest thing is, I’m loving it. It’s new, immature like a child, but it’s my baby. I love it. I love my blog. Folks out there, love their cars, some love trees and their pets. I love my blog. I hope you come to enjoy visiting it too.

I just had to say that here, as a mini testimonial. Now back to business.

How does something so cold, make you so hot?

I’m not sure if its the sexual stigma connected to the ice cream why its not a preference for me on hot days.

As a woman in tune with social media and her own personal sexual etiquette, the ice cream cone topped with the multiple colored scoops of ice cream  gives me a sense of awkwardness in public.

As a freeform dreadlock woman, some of us carry ourselves to a certain standard of living. To be sexy or enticing outside of my home, doesn’t work for me. Not because I don’t know how to be sexy in public. Trust me, that isn’t the problem.

How I love my husband is personal. What I do with the things I use to share my affection with him is personal and he respects and appreciates that about me. So for me, whether I’m alone or walking past an ice cream vendor, most times I opt out of getting myself an ice cream.

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I never understood, how does something so  cold, melts and drips, then gets sticky when dried become so sexy and hot, especially with a woman?  Even describing it, like that, sounds erotic.

I believe in truth, the woman was created in beauty for man from the beginning. Anything she does, he will see as beautiful. Even licking the ice cream from a cone that’s dripping with  melted cream.

In short, ladies we need to understand our strength and magical powers over the man and not try so hard to get their attention with false beauty tactics. You’re a natural beauty in their eyes from Day 1.

Stay blessed.

5 tips to enjoy your weekend


As a mother of a handful of children, my weekends are more important to me than the weekdays.  Why? Because the children are home with me.  I need them to have constructive, safe and of course happy activities to do in their time, so they don’t obstruct my time.

How I plan my weekends:

I assess the children’s week at school. If there is anything of interest they did and enjoyed, I would consider incorporating (copying) that activity for them again in the weekend.

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Consult with the husband.  Is there anything on his “to-do” list (aside from myself) that he’s interested in doing with the family.

Always, make sure if I’m planning an event or outing for my weekend, the funds, necessities for the planning is ready to go.

Keep a notebook close by.  You never know what ideas or tips will pop up on you. Keeping a journal note, is my personal preference over mental notes.

The weekends are only 2 days.  Even if it’s only one thing you plan to do, even if it’s just chilling out and watching a season on Netflix, planning and preparing for it, is the treat for yourself in the end.  You deserve it.

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Finally! Lake life begins

I don’t consider myself a spoiled b!tch, but this spring weather is really pulling at my patient strings.  Today was the first day, I could walk outside WITHOUT A SWEATER!

Lake life

There was a day May 31 2010 and every year after that until 2016 when there was HEAT.  My sons birthday was always an outside event, but after 2016, his birthday celebrations started to take place inside.

I decided to launch my “lake life” visits today and it was a great site to see.  There were water toys and boats out.  I loved it.

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Last year, I was starting my loc journey and my hair wasn’t even close to being defined or loc’d up.  I’m excited to slip and dip them in the water this year.

I washed my hair today, and it’s freshly oiled with olive oil, which is the sparkle you see around my peripheral.

Locs, dresses and tank tops here I come!

Spring fashion haul walmart

I’m starting to believe these algorithms are a true entity among us in this new digital age.

Since the beginning of spring, I’ve been on the hunt for a lady bird or cherry blouse, or item of clothing of some sort.


I’ve been browsing all the websites, they either didn’t ship to my hometown or didn’t come in my size.

Until today.  As I was running my daily errands, I came across the closest thing I could get to my dream item.

A medium length shirt dress in colour pink caught my attention.  At a quick glance, I thought it was a cherry print, but instead they were small red flowers.

Although I love the colour pink.  I don’t make it a preference in my wardrobe.  But this dress had me sprung from the first glance.

Before I missed a bargain buy, I grabbed the dress and left as it was the last in my size on the shelf.  Why are the big girl sizes always the first to go?

snapchat-3724033035178283454763185922.jpgThere are button fasteners from the top to the bottom.  The last button is approx. 2″ from the hem .  I sampled the dress without leggings to see whether the dress was “office friendly”, but in my opinion a pair of leggings would complete the look for the office.

The regular price was $24.95, I grabbed this little number at $15.  You see why I couldn’t resist bringing it home with me?

I find prints like this extremely soft and feminine.  With my “un-manipulated” freeform locks, it’s a refreshing concept on this type of lifestyle.  It breaks down the stigma attached to those of us who wear dreadlocks in our lifestyle.



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Are dreadlocks sexy?

Before you get the answer to this question, I’m going to answer this question with a question.  Do you consider yourself “sexy”?

I learned in my experience so far in life, anything I have a question for  in life, needs to start with myself first.  So, putting myself in the question. “Wendy, do you find yourself sexy?”. My answer would be “Yes, I sure do”.  I know this because I know my SELF.  From very a teenager and observing my surroundings, media influences in my days (Janet Jackson, Madonna).  I took from them what I thought would fit with who I thought I was, and left the rest behind.  My sexy was created through trial an error of my own experiments, nobody else.pizap (1)

When I started my own loc journey, I asked myself NOT if my husband would think my locs were sexy, because he already knows who and what his wife is all about.  Instead I found myself wondering if the locs when matured would take up too much room over the pillows we shared or if they’ll seem imposing on our marriage.  They are after all, an extension of who I am and I have a pretty BIG personality already.

So, getting back to the question at hand, whether or not if dreadlocks are sexy.  Dreadlocks are your hair.  They are an extension of who you are.  They will exhibit your SELF.  If you’re presence defines sexy.  You have no problem.  Never lean on a man to make you be what you want to be.  A man wants you because of what you are.  He can help bring your dim lights to turn on, but you control the fuse box.

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Freeform dreadlocks UN-manipulated, are an elevated level of beauty.  When I see a woman with her hair like mine, respect for her choice to wear her hair in this form I respect instantly.  A man will do the same for you.  Know You FIRST, before you get to knowing any body else.


5 Questions everyone has when starting a freeform loc journey

When you make the ultimate decision to go “freeform” with your hair and loc it, is a major step by itself.  Son congratulate yourself for making such an awesome choice with your life.

When I started my loc journey, one question I kept asking myself occurred daily.  The reason, I think why I kept asking myself this question is because no one else’s answer settled me concerns.

V-Neck  Decorative Lace  Printed Shift DressI’m going to share 5 questions, many brothers and sista’s experience in their own personal walk when it comes to freeform loc journey.  These questions are NOT in any order of significance.

Question 1: How long will my hair take to mature?

This question relates to the production cycle of the hair budding at the bottom and twisting up into it’s matted state.

Question 2: How long does the “ugly stage” last?

There is a saying in the Afro-Caribbean community called the “ugly stage”.  Your hair is in the middle or premature state.  Messy everywhere and openings for women especially to become insecure about their physical appearance.  Since starting my own personal journey, I’ve come to realise, the “ugly stage” is composed from your own thoughts or thoughts of others being put upon you.  It’s NOT REAL!  Your thoughts make you feel uncomfortable in settings that are foreign to your lifestyle.  Just ignore them.

Question 3: Will I still look attractive?

Your evolution to a freeform dreadlock lifestyle, will automatically elevate you to another level of attraction, you’re not familiar with.

Question 4: Am I allowed to dread even though I’m not a Rastafarian?

Know this, the MANY of the Rastafarian community are descendants of the Nazarite Israelites that embrace the sacred vow of not cutting their hair, along with other requirements.  Letting your hair dread, doesn’t mean you are a part of that equation.

Question 5: Do I stop washing my hair??

HELL NO!!!!!  Would you stop washing any part of your body for any reason ???  I’m going to cut this answer right here.

So guys! there you go.  If any of these questions pop into your head, REMEMBER!!! SUPPORT for your journey is out there.  I’m here too!  Message me anytime.

@herloxx on Instagram.  Bless

1 year loc’d freeform hair no manipulation

Accomplishing any success is a great feeling.  It doesn’t matter who’s interested or not.  I’m officially 1 year into my loc journey.  As a promise to myself and those subscribed to my youtube channel, I said I would reveal what the back of my hair looks like.


I’ll admit, my faith and trust in the process did allow a tiny space for doubt to enter and make me second guess making the video, in-case things looked worse than I imagined.

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After overcoming that tiny “fear demon” I made the video.

As I watched the video (Voice over audio included) I processed the decision to let my hair just “be this way”.

I still can’t confirm whether it’s connected to my vow to YAH to be true in all of my being during my life walk.  To prove my heart and soul are in complete trust of Him to guide me through my walk of truth and righteousness.  For some reason, I can’t let go of my connection to the Nazarites who made a sacred vow to YAH and their hair growth process was a part of the deal.

I guess time will tell.  For the time being, I sit back and watch the process develop and continue to share my journey with you.

Click the image to view my big reveal. Please check it out and let me know what you think of my progress.