What freeform locs are NOT

When someone says they’re going to start “freeform locs” what do you think they are? Freeform locs is (in my opinion) are the elite version of dreadlocks. There is no competition. Watching one’s hair make it’s own version of life on earth in your crown is genius.

I started my loc journey 2 years ago and the changes and wonders my hair has opened up to me, are unlike anything “man-made”.

I found this footage online of someone who left their hair unmanaged, notice I didn’t say “manipulated”?  With freeform locs, your hair does require some form of management.  

Free spirit, Free mind, let go of it all

Managing your locs is required to enforce a healthy, yet strong loc journey to healthy roots and growth. After all, that’s what we all want, right? Length, length and more length.

July is here! What are you waiting for?

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How to avoid your freeform locs from ending up like the hair in the video, is easy. Remember, many are called, but few are chosen for a lifestyle like this. Look out for my 3 steps to healthy matted locs post. Enjoy the video and leave a message or a comment. Bless

The next stage to your Loc journey

There comes a stage to a freeform dreadlock journey, where you have to take a step back and assess what it is that you’re actually doing.

How does our scalp benefit from citrus fruit?

I’ve arrived at that point in my journey. How my hair got to the stage it has, the care and attention I committed to them, as best as I could, not knowing exactly what I was doing. I have to look at what I did from day 1 till now.

Food is a big part of our lively hood and what goes in our bodies will exhibit externally to the world.

I’ve begun the study of foods that effect our development and growth when it comes to our roots in our scalp being strong and healthy enough to grow long hair. I look forward to sharing my discoveries with you too.


Will freeform locs style your way?

You’re curious about choosing the freeform loc method for your hair, but the thought of your not styling the way you expect or plan is holding you back. What do you do then?

I started my journey 17months ago with shoulder length hair. According to this pic, my hair is still at shoulder length, but to be honest, my hair experienced shrinkage during the loc process and shrunk up to my ears.

So, if you can imagine an additional 5″ from where you see my hair now, that’s the closest approximate to my true hair length to date.


When I decided to start my freeform journey, I had no clue what I was doing.  Not to mention my hair.  Aside from it’s appearance and challenging  of my self confidence, I wasn’t really concerned about the head as a whole, only the front of my crown was where I paid most attention.  

The front of my hair took over 8 months to take an appearance of some kind.  It was nothing like what I expected.  After seeing all the amazing and beautiful style options of those that went the “manipulated” styling route and seeing how defined their locs fell, I was tempted to make some efforts of my own to make my hair take on a particular type of  appearance.

I was reminded, by Spirit and purpose, that this journey wasn’t about my SELF, it was about my faith and belief to see what MY SELF, can do on it’s own if I just left it alone.

Here I am today, as a mature, unmanipulated loc woman. To present and exhibit to others, what your hair can do on it’s own when you leave it alone, but cleaned!!

LooK! Freeform locs 17 month update

So let’s start by eradicating the elephant in the room. Where have I been, why no updates to the blog?? Trust me, there is a story and a reason behind it all, but for today, we’re going to get into me and this loc journey I’m empowering on HIGH!

Grab yourself and drink and sit back and enjoy the video. Leave me a comment on what you think and I’ll take it from there. Bless always.

Freeform locs in summer

Hey guys!

This is my first year with freeform locs and I figured it’s the perfect time to share my experiences so far with them.

Topics I’ll be covering:

  • Swimming with locs
  • Hair maintenance
  • Hair growth update
  • Styling
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In short, it’s been fun thus far. I’m excited to continue to share more experiences with you.

Leave a comment and a like if you enjoy!

Just me and my blog

Today, I’m excited and I think finally put together with this whole blog journey I’m on.

I consider some of us are chosen to explore our unique paths. No matter how many attempts we make to jump on the train and jump off again due to confusion and poor judgement call, we can’t turn our backs entirely on them.

For me, this blog was one of them. I think I mentioned in my first post, this was my third attempt at this.

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I’ve watched many videos about blogging and how and why so many fail. Why do I continue to watch and listen to this guidance? Why can’t I just drop it and keep looking for the next best thing? The reason I believe, this is my thing. Now, tomorrow and on-going I have to do this.

The craziest thing is, I’m loving it. It’s new, immature like a child, but it’s my baby. I love it. I love my blog. Folks out there, love their cars, some love trees and their pets. I love my blog. I hope you come to enjoy visiting it too.

I just had to say that here, as a mini testimonial. Now back to business.

Washing hair day

Washing hair that’s matted together has a few cons, well more cons than pros when comparing natural flowing hair.

I gave my hair a conditioner only wash today. I do this twice a week. I love the scent of this new conditioner (mint scent).

I’m applying shampoo only once a month.

As I was completing my wash, I was thinking about how the back of my hair looks. I can’t look from a rear view right now, as I made a promise to my you tube subs, when I reach 100 subs, I will share what my hair looks like from behind.

The only person that gets the privilege right now is my husband (hmm hmmm) and the children.

I was actually surprised to see the length, given I have experienced a lot of shrinkage in my hair since I started the locking process.