How happy will your 2021 be?

I’m gonna be honest. I don’t like saying happy new year to people. I think it’s an intrusion on their personal life. Why I carry those feelings? I believe this…

Not knowing the present state of someone’s life and demanding a response of happiness without checking in with them first can make matter worse for that soul.

2020 for me, ended in a rough way. My life minutes were delicate and extremely sensitive to every breath I took.

Was I in the state of mind to wish others Happy New Year? No. Did I anyway? YES… was I sincere about my greeting? Not really, I really didn’t care.

That’s how bad my state of mind was at that time.

I welcomed the greetings I received, whether they were meant or not, I didn’t care. At the time, the only thing that was receiving my attention was connecting with someone who could understand what I was dealing with and talk to me on that level.

This year will be more focus on myself. Making more decisions , and less choices.

I’m going to explore this subject more throughout the year, in order to connect with other like-minded souls.

What are you planning for yourself in 2021?

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