Will freeform locs style your way?

You’re curious about choosing the freeform loc method for your hair, but the thought of your not styling the way you expect or plan is holding you back. What do you do then?

I started my journey 17months ago with shoulder length hair. According to this pic, my hair is still at shoulder length, but to be honest, my hair experienced shrinkage during the loc process and shrunk up to my ears.

So, if you can imagine an additional 5″ from where you see my hair now, that’s the closest approximate to my true hair length to date.


When I decided to start my freeform journey, I had no clue what I was doing.  Not to mention my hair.  Aside from it’s appearance and challenging  of my self confidence, I wasn’t really concerned about the head as a whole, only the front of my crown was where I paid most attention.  

The front of my hair took over 8 months to take an appearance of some kind.  It was nothing like what I expected.  After seeing all the amazing and beautiful style options of those that went the “manipulated” styling route and seeing how defined their locs fell, I was tempted to make some efforts of my own to make my hair take on a particular type of  appearance.

I was reminded, by Spirit and purpose, that this journey wasn’t about my SELF, it was about my faith and belief to see what MY SELF, can do on it’s own if I just left it alone.

Here I am today, as a mature, unmanipulated loc woman. To present and exhibit to others, what your hair can do on it’s own when you leave it alone, but cleaned!!

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