How to start an afro freeform loc journey

Coming to a decision you want to begin your loc journey FREEFORM UN-manipulated is a great moment in ones life.

You’re basically acknowledging the end of a cliff and embarking on a great leap into a new life.

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Transitioning from one form of hair maintenance to another, especially an un-manipulated form of hair maintenance, takes some getting used to.  You’re dropping the use of hair products, and seeking natural form replacements.

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Shampoos and conditioners, become a demand in the paraben-free and silicone-free version.  Instead of weekly hair washing, you’re water rinsing and weekly with conditioners and shampooing monthly.

After every wash, and a gentle towel-dry, let nature and your hair begin to work their magic.

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After you discover the hair regime best suited for your lifestyle, other changes in your life will take flight naturally.

How you love, who you love, what you eat, what you drink, how you live.  Everything begins to elevate and become a beauty never seen before.

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However, before you prosper upon those great rewards, you will have to endure the stages and experiences both good and bad that come with living a lifestyle as a freeform dread.  As the book of life quotes in scripture, “many are called, few are chosen”.  The same goes with un-manipulated freeform dreadlock journeys.  Your hair isn’t receiving monthly, bi-annual hair treatments, or re-twists. A constant question mark ? will haunt your crown that will leave others questioning “why don’t you re-twist your roots?”.  Working through and excepting this stage takes some time  (A year into my own journey and I’m still feeling it).

Today, the dreadlock community is wide and grand.  Support for others is great and kind,especially on social media.  Knowing for sure, this particular type of loc journey is for you is most important.

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