The “shut up about beauty” woman

Who doesn’t like to receive a compliment once in a while? After all a compliment is a form of praise you’re doing good for yourself and society.

Where I get lost, is how does a woman who receives a compliment go from a smile and a humble thank you, to thinking she’s the best thing next to sliced bread?

I believe the mindset of the one who thinks she’s everyone’s T-bone steak is a prisoner to worshipping  “beauty & the beast”.

As a freeformed loc’d woman, with a HER manifest. Our beauty is measured through actions. Don’t be mistaken we wear cosmetics also, but the essence of beauty comes from within us. Not from face value.

Your discussions with a freeform loc’d woman with HERLOXX manifested within, explor and seek edification in everything she does. When I say everything, I mean everything.

As a wife, she views her husband as HER King, and her children as the perfect creation of her love with her husband.

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As a woman, what’s best for HER health, is her main focus. Being a healthy, supportive spouse HER focal point daily. Exercise, keeping those joints soft and pain free.  You can’t tell me this type of woman doesn’t sound “perfect” in human form, already.  Let’s continue.

HER friends, are true. They carry HER values, beliefs and honor them in their own lives and relationships. There’s no competing for the best dressed, sexiest or visually attractive.

Helping, teaching, advising is where HER beauty resides. There are no discussions on how they look. Whether they’re considered beautiful beings from a strange eye. The compliment is received and the work continues.

In a HER manifest, I use animals as a analogy for understanding. Especially for the women to gather and understand HER self.

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The pigeon and the eagle/hawk, are both birds but very different. One settles on the ground and flocks with each other in groups of many. They eat anything you throw at them and keep going.

The eagle/hawk however, doesn’t flock in groups and forget about seeing them hovering on the ground. They’re elevated high on a mountain or in a tree. You have to literally hike to hunt them down. They eat fresh food only.

Women from a HER manifestion, live a life like the eagle/hawk. It takes just as much work from within to live that lifestyle. It’s not easy, but its achievable.

Just like the book of life I quote, “Many are called, few are chosen”.

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