Just me and my blog

Today, I’m excited and I think finally put together with this whole blog journey I’m on.

I consider some of us are chosen to explore our unique paths. No matter how many attempts we make to jump on the train and jump off again due to confusion and poor judgement call, we can’t turn our backs entirely on them.

For me, this blog was one of them. I think I mentioned in my first post, this was my third attempt at this.

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I’ve watched many videos about blogging and how and why so many fail. Why do I continue to watch and listen to this guidance? Why can’t I just drop it and keep looking for the next best thing? The reason I believe, this is my thing. Now, tomorrow and on-going I have to do this.

The craziest thing is, I’m loving it. It’s new, immature like a child, but it’s my baby. I love it. I love my blog. Folks out there, love their cars, some love trees and their pets. I love my blog. I hope you come to enjoy visiting it too.

I just had to say that here, as a mini testimonial. Now back to business.

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