How does something so cold, make you so hot?

I’m not sure if its the sexual stigma connected to the ice cream why its not a preference for me on hot days.

As a woman in tune with social media and her own personal sexual etiquette, the ice cream cone topped with the multiple colored scoops of ice cream  gives me a sense of awkwardness in public.

As a freeform dreadlock woman, some of us carry ourselves to a certain standard of living. To be sexy or enticing outside of my home, doesn’t work for me. Not because I don’t know how to be sexy in public. Trust me, that isn’t the problem.

How I love my husband is personal. What I do with the things I use to share my affection with him is personal and he respects and appreciates that about me. So for me, whether I’m alone or walking past an ice cream vendor, most times I opt out of getting myself an ice cream.

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I never understood, how does something so  cold, melts and drips, then gets sticky when dried become so sexy and hot, especially with a woman?  Even describing it, like that, sounds erotic.

I believe in truth, the woman was created in beauty for man from the beginning. Anything she does, he will see as beautiful. Even licking the ice cream from a cone that’s dripping with  melted cream.


In short, ladies we need to understand our strength and magical powers over the man and not try so hard to get their attention with false beauty tactics. You’re a natural beauty in their eyes from Day 1.

Stay blessed.

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