5 tips to enjoy your weekend


As a mother of a handful of children, my weekends are more important to me than the weekdays.  Why? Because the children are home with me.  I need them to have constructive, safe and of course happy activities to do in their time, so they don’t obstruct my time.

How I plan my weekends:

I assess the children’s week at school. If there is anything of interest they did and enjoyed, I would consider incorporating (copying) that activity for them again in the weekend.

Check out blogs and online posts about things to do on your weekends, prior to the weekend’s arrival.           Up to 80% OFF,more than 500 style clearance!

Consult with the husband.  Is there anything on his “to-do” list (aside from myself) that he’s interested in doing with the family.

Always, make sure if I’m planning an event or outing for my weekend, the funds, necessities for the planning is ready to go.

Keep a notebook close by.  You never know what ideas or tips will pop up on you. Keeping a journal note, is my personal preference over mental notes.

The weekends are only 2 days.  Even if it’s only one thing you plan to do, even if it’s just chilling out and watching a season on Netflix, planning and preparing for it, is the treat for yourself in the end.  You deserve it.

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