Spring fashion haul walmart

I’m starting to believe these algorithms are a true entity among us in this new digital age.

Since the beginning of spring, I’ve been on the hunt for a lady bird or cherry blouse, or item of clothing of some sort.


I’ve been browsing all the websites, they either didn’t ship to my hometown or didn’t come in my size.

Until today.  As I was running my daily errands, I came across the closest thing I could get to my dream item.

A medium length shirt dress in colour pink caught my attention.  At a quick glance, I thought it was a cherry print, but instead they were small red flowers.

Although I love the colour pink.  I don’t make it a preference in my wardrobe.  But this dress had me sprung from the first glance.

Before I missed a bargain buy, I grabbed the dress and left as it was the last in my size on the shelf.  Why are the big girl sizes always the first to go?

snapchat-3724033035178283454763185922.jpgThere are button fasteners from the top to the bottom.  The last button is approx. 2″ from the hem .  I sampled the dress without leggings to see whether the dress was “office friendly”, but in my opinion a pair of leggings would complete the look for the office.

The regular price was $24.95, I grabbed this little number at $15.  You see why I couldn’t resist bringing it home with me?

I find prints like this extremely soft and feminine.  With my “un-manipulated” freeform locks, it’s a refreshing concept on this type of lifestyle.  It breaks down the stigma attached to those of us who wear dreadlocks in our lifestyle.



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