Are dreadlocks sexy?

Before you get the answer to this question, I’m going to answer this question with a question.  Do you consider yourself “sexy”?

I learned in my experience so far in life, anything I have a question for  in life, needs to start with myself first.  So, putting myself in the question. “Wendy, do you find yourself sexy?”. My answer would be “Yes, I sure do”.  I know this because I know my SELF.  From very a teenager and observing my surroundings, media influences in my days (Janet Jackson, Madonna).  I took from them what I thought would fit with who I thought I was, and left the rest behind.  My sexy was created through trial an error of my own experiments, nobody else.pizap (1)

When I started my own loc journey, I asked myself NOT if my husband would think my locs were sexy, because he already knows who and what his wife is all about.  Instead I found myself wondering if the locs when matured would take up too much room over the pillows we shared or if they’ll seem imposing on our marriage.  They are after all, an extension of who I am and I have a pretty BIG personality already.

So, getting back to the question at hand, whether or not if dreadlocks are sexy.  Dreadlocks are your hair.  They are an extension of who you are.  They will exhibit your SELF.  If you’re presence defines sexy.  You have no problem.  Never lean on a man to make you be what you want to be.  A man wants you because of what you are.  He can help bring your dim lights to turn on, but you control the fuse box.

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Freeform dreadlocks UN-manipulated, are an elevated level of beauty.  When I see a woman with her hair like mine, respect for her choice to wear her hair in this form I respect instantly.  A man will do the same for you.  Know You FIRST, before you get to knowing any body else.


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