5 Questions everyone has when starting a freeform loc journey

When you make the ultimate decision to go “freeform” with your hair and loc it, is a major step by itself.  Son congratulate yourself for making such an awesome choice with your life.

When I started my loc journey, one question I kept asking myself occurred daily.  The reason, I think why I kept asking myself this question is because no one else’s answer settled me concerns.

V-Neck  Decorative Lace  Printed Shift DressI’m going to share 5 questions, many brothers and sista’s experience in their own personal walk when it comes to freeform loc journey.  These questions are NOT in any order of significance.

Question 1: How long will my hair take to mature?

This question relates to the production cycle of the hair budding at the bottom and twisting up into it’s matted state.

Question 2: How long does the “ugly stage” last?

There is a saying in the Afro-Caribbean community called the “ugly stage”.  Your hair is in the middle or premature state.  Messy everywhere and openings for women especially to become insecure about their physical appearance.  Since starting my own personal journey, I’ve come to realise, the “ugly stage” is composed from your own thoughts or thoughts of others being put upon you.  It’s NOT REAL!  Your thoughts make you feel uncomfortable in settings that are foreign to your lifestyle.  Just ignore them.

Question 3: Will I still look attractive?

Your evolution to a freeform dreadlock lifestyle, will automatically elevate you to another level of attraction, you’re not familiar with.

Question 4: Am I allowed to dread even though I’m not a Rastafarian?

Know this, the MANY of the Rastafarian community are descendants of the Nazarite Israelites that embrace the sacred vow of not cutting their hair, along with other requirements.  Letting your hair dread, doesn’t mean you are a part of that equation.

Question 5: Do I stop washing my hair??

HELL NO!!!!!  Would you stop washing any part of your body for any reason ???  I’m going to cut this answer right here.

So guys! there you go.  If any of these questions pop into your head, REMEMBER!!! SUPPORT for your journey is out there.  I’m here too!  Message me anytime.

@herloxx on Instagram.  Bless

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