1 year loc’d freeform hair no manipulation

Accomplishing any success is a great feeling.  It doesn’t matter who’s interested or not.  I’m officially 1 year into my loc journey.  As a promise to myself and those subscribed to my youtube channel, I said I would reveal what the back of my hair looks like.


I’ll admit, my faith and trust in the process did allow a tiny space for doubt to enter and make me second guess making the video, in-case things looked worse than I imagined.

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After overcoming that tiny “fear demon” I made the video.

As I watched the video (Voice over audio included) I processed the decision to let my hair just “be this way”.

I still can’t confirm whether it’s connected to my vow to YAH to be true in all of my being during my life walk.  To prove my heart and soul are in complete trust of Him to guide me through my walk of truth and righteousness.  For some reason, I can’t let go of my connection to the Nazarites who made a sacred vow to YAH and their hair growth process was a part of the deal.

I guess time will tell.  For the time being, I sit back and watch the process develop and continue to share my journey with you.

Click the image to view my big reveal. Please check it out and let me know what you think of my progress.

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