Update “Google says” Dreadlock hair wash challenge for afro hair

I started a “Google says” hair wash challenge at the beginning of May.

When I googled how to maintain Afro-caribbean Dreadlock hair, Google said hair washing should be 2-3 times a week with conditioner and once a month with shampoo.

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There was no way, I was going to tackle my hair 3 times a week washing. Plus my hair was not giving me the pass to 3 washes a week, so I went with 2 washes  3-4 days apart.

To be honest with you, now that I’m 1 week shy of the end of May, I can say my hair, doesn’t require 2 washes a week.

At the point, my hair feels over worked and the spirit feels forced to do something against its will.

Im glad I went for the challenge to see for myself, not everything your reason online about your personal needs and benefits are beneficial for you.

Don’t copy everything out there, because if its not for you, your results will upset you and get you discouraged. Do your own research on topics Google says “how to” on.

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