Does olive oil like dreadlocks?

olive oil

Can you use olive oil in your hair?? Of course you can!!

How do I know this, well my first affirmation of this fact I discovered in the bible.  The olive oil was used in the bowls full to keep their hair of the men and women moist.

After testing the waters myself,  I found my hair welcomed the application with open arms.  My hair felt moist on a different level.  My scalp was soft.


How I apply olive oil to my hair:

I only apply the oil straight from the bottle onto my scalp.

Using both hands, I rub my scalp in a massaging motion all over.


I don’t apply the oil to the locks themselves.  I noticed the oil magically finds its way to the ends of my locks naturally by the end of the day or by the next day.

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I only moisten my hair twice a week, every 3-4 days.  I can go a whole week with just one application, but I like the softness my scalp has when I do my nightly scalp massages.

I’m excited to have discovered this natural solution to maintaining my new hair journey.  I love it even more to know my descendants from the bible used the exact same methods on their own hair.

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