Starting a blog


Hello, my name is Wendy.  I’ve been here before.  Trying to put my thoughts in a blog and for some reason, the message I try to convey never gets through.

This is my third attempt at starting a blog, and sharing my thoughts and experiences with the world.  One thing I can say I have learned about myself during this process, I don’t settle at a failed attempt easily.

Is that the “entrepreneur” in me, who knows.  All I know is this will be my last attempt.

Over the past year, thanks to pinterest and youtube, there is no reason or excuse to why you’re unable to start a blog.  The message is clear as water, they all say the same thing.  Just start it.  Write the first post and go from there.

I’m not thinking about how many posts I’m going to share a week or a month.

The content, which is “my message” is what I’m going to focus on.  How it comes it, and when, those answers will come.  The content and my niche is where it begins.

So here I go (again).




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