TOP 3 questions about FREEFORM LOCS

Don’t be afraid of the questions and concerns you have about starting a freeform loc journey. Believe me, I had them all. I consumed all the questions, fears and emotions when I started mine.

The only difference is, I carried trust with me. I believed if my hair WANTED to be in a matted state. I had to trust my hair knows what it was doing and let it be.


  • How do they start?
  • How long will they take to form?
  • What is the ugly stage?
  • Can only black people have freeform locs?

The questions will continue to consume you, in a way to create fear for you to avoid experiencing something great. Don’t let it!

Unlike someone having their locs created for them by a loc stylist, you need a support system or an aid to help you through those “difficult” days at the beginning, middle and end.

Click the link below! You will receive a free welcome tips guide to start your journey on the right foot!